Kim Folsom

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Kim Folsom

Founder and CEO of ShowUhow Inc.
Kim Folsom is the founder and CEO of ShowUhow, Inc., an Internet-based sales and customer-support platform for manufacturers and retailers.

To me, innovation comes to life through the many new and exciting technologies that have improved our quality of life. These innovations have gone beyond productivity improvement to empower the individual to live a better life -- regardless of place, time or social status. Much of this game-changing technology has occurred with smartphone innovations, with impacts seen both in developing and well-established countries.

What really motivated me to start ShowUhow was the fact that while these cool, innovative products are being released every year, the methods used to engage, sell and support them are still old-fashioned and unsatisfying to the consumer. As a result, products are returned, profits are lost and brands are tarnished.

ShowUhow provides a 360-degree product experience platform that delivers video product guides, along with Web-based sales and customer-support tools. Our vision is to make the business of selling products more profitable by making them easier to sell and providing support and ultimately satisfaction to consumers.

Over the past five years, there have been many innovations that have impacted my life, including broadband availability, smartphones, applications and e-books. These innovations have allowed me to engage, connect, work and play almost anywhere in the world.

Overall broadband deployment plays a critical role in American innovation, and the government needs to focus on making access ubiquitous. Broadband expansion is key to ensure expanded adoption and further innovation of smartphone technologies with powerful applications. This is why government must provide support to further investment in broadband expansion and related industries. Regulatory groups and policymakers also must work to eliminate barriers that prevent expansion and adoption of broadband.

As smartphones, apps and higher bandwidth are deployed, there will be an increase in capabilities. In order to command a premium price, brands and retailers will have to be much more sensitive to the consumer experience. ShowUhow technology is poised to help brands and retailers leverage this innovation further in order to deliver higher profits for the sales of innovative products.

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